Jetting for ice riding

Good day,

I have a ’03 WR450 and I am wondering how much to richen the jetting before I go ice riding.

I am currently running the following : 158 main jet, 72 starter jet, and a 48 pilot jet. I have no complaints with that setup for Minnesota summers at 1300 ft.

Has anyone re-jetted specifically for northern winter riding? If so, what were your final settings?


Ride fast - take chances


I am going to be rejetting this weekend, for the ice, I will let you know what I am using, you should be close to me in Altitude, so we should be similar. I am going to start at a 170 Main, and a 52 pilot, and adjust from there. :)


When it gets cold the jetting needs to be richened. Along with that the engine has a very difficult time reaching a good operating temp.. Big help is to block off part of your radiators. I put a strip of duct tape down the center of the rad. guards to reduce air flow, works great. :)

The radiator trick helps dont it. TCT

Ya know last year I didn't even rejet in the winter. I checked the plug and it didn't need it. A thumper seems less affected by the cold than a 2 stroke as far as jetting goes. But it dont hurt to look at it though.

Stick with me Chadwick...I'll take care of ya! After all, I am the self-proclaimed MN jetting master...actually, didnt you proclaim it for me? :)

I've got that "JD jetting" kit we can throw in your bike to try out. Havent had a chance to try it myself...

BTW...picked up the new sled this past Saturday ('04 Skidoo Renegade) maybe we can trade off on the lake as you try to convince me to pick up a set of ice tires for my ride...


OK, Here's where I am at so far, I have a 175 main jet, 50 pilot, fuel screw is 2 turns out. I have WR needle raised one clip. It is about 20 degrees today and I am just under 1000 ft elevation. I will be riding more next weekend , and tweaking from there. I may need to go up on the main a little as it gets colder. Hope this helps!!


What are you running for exhaust?

Im running an odd setup, I run a Hindle slip-on and mid pipe with factory headpipe. I have to say I am very impressed with this setup. The only down side is it's loud!!


Good day,

I finally got out on the ice yesterday with a new set of Jeff Fredette studded tires. My last time on the ice was 2000 and it is even better than I remembered. The lean angles are ridiculous. I can get my bar ends within 6 inches of the ice and still be at full grip. My friend hit his bar end on the ice while sliding his RM250.

My WR450 has a stock pipe with the GYT-R insert. I chose a 162 mj and a 50 pj. It seemed to run fine and I was pulling power wheelies coming out of a figure 8. I could cleanly pull up to the rev limiter and it started good too.

Considering the fact that the Kenda ice tire is about 3 inches taller that the M-12 that came off, gearing is the next item on my list.

If you have not ridden on the ice and have an opportunity to do so, GO FOR IT!

Ride fast - Take chances


I second that Chad!! I got my new Freddette tires last week and am ready for the season!! Our schedule starts this weekend, Jan 3rd, under the lights, can't wait!!

For those of you who have never ridden the ice, Imagine this: twice the grip of pavement ON street tires!!(1800 screws make for some serious traction!!) :)

I will have to get my wife to snap a couple pics this weekend.


nice to see some minnesota boys on TT, i ride mostly over in danbarry on the grandy dancer trail, nice trails, would like to meet up with some 450's to ride with, (03 wr450) sitting in the shed, were do you get the ice tires? would like to get into some ice raceing, any info would help, i see i am jetted way to lean, 155 main, all other jetting stock, with all free mods, please let me know were you guys race and post the jetting you ended up with for this cold weather, thanks. dan

1800 screws in the tyres? :) You guys are nuts. No way you'd get me racing a 50hp chainsaw :D

I can't believe that guys with dirt bikes get the winter blues !!! This is absolutely the best riding conditions when you have your tires cleated. I put 1200 3/4" Gold Series titanium ice screws in my tires myself with ease.

Cordless drill & a 5/16 socket. The screws are $130.00 Can.

Be careful not to over torque the screws causing them to ream out a hole. Take the screws out in the spring & your tires are good to go. Traction on ice & hard packed snowmobile trails is unsurpassed. We have thousands of miles of groomed trails at my back door. The whoops & jumps are awesome !!! The boys on snowmobiles cannot catch me or even come close on most trails. I drive a 2001 KX 500 & am awaiting my WR. Most of my riding is in the winter. I even go ice fishing on the Big Green. This is nothing new around here....most guys do their riding in the winter.

This isn't limited to frozen lakes....hard packed to semi hard trails are the best. DO NOT RIDE OR SUBJECT YOUR CLEATED TIRES TO CONCRETE, PAVEMENT OR ROCKS. You will ruin them in a short time. Also be careful of hitting snow patches off of sheet may find yourself on your back when you hook up again.

So enough of this winter sulking stuff. Get out & ride for God's sake !!! Winter Rules !!!


We ride single track at Nickerson/Holyoke whenever we can. That is a great trail system but we tend to stay off of the wide snowmobile trails until we are beat up and tired. Then we do some powersliding on the wide stuff.

Send me a PM with your number and I will give you whatever details you need to get on the ice. We should get together for some early spring trailriding as well. I love it when the frost is just coming out of the ground. Challenging traction and not many people out yet.

Ride fast - take chances


Anyone that is looking for ice tires or info on the sport, here is the link to a web site that talks about it. Check out the GSXR pic!

Ride fast - take chances


Hello Chad,

Wow, you get at it early, thinkin'ice riding before 7:00am, I like it. Thanks for getting me out Sunday, it was the best. Everyone needs to try this, way to much fun!! I promise.

Hey Larry, How's it going. New Sled huh? We'll have to get together and ride sometime, I've had my sled out a few times, but it's not as good as ice riding ;^) Did any of those photos turn out you shot at Chad's folk's house? Oh, and when are you gonna pony up and get some ice tires? I'll let you test ride my RM, but it's pretty hard to get me off it.

Anyway, I just had to add how much fun I had, I can't believe it took me this long to get into. Can't wait till wed & thurs, to ride again, We'll have to get some pics.


Hey there Tim (TIMMY! TIMMY!....)

Glad to hear you're lovin' this ice riding deal. I told Chad I'd try it a few times before going off of the deep end and buying a setup of my own.

Yup...those pictures are out on my site ( Haynes' website ). Go check 'em out. Let me know if you'd like any of those in I've got all of the originals.

Got the new sled out the other day for a quick 25 mile spin. Now I'm just waiting for the snow to fall... :)

Let me know when you both head out next...might have to tag along and get myself hooked!


Chad, loading the wheeler up now, will see you on the ice about 10:30, hope you make it, going to be COLD -7 wind chill right now :)


Was nice to meet you and Tim, learned a lot in the short time i spent with you two, anyone reading this post, you need to look into these tires... i couldn't beleave... you could do, what they were doing on dirtbikes on the ice!!!

It's time to put fishing aside, and put in some OT in at work, and buy a set of these tires!!! I will be rideing on the ice with you two this year.

We need to give that RM 250 a run for it's money :D

WR450'S KICK :)

Hey Dave, I'm hoping you can help! :) I race on the ice and have a wr 450 motor in my quad. :D We're having some serious issues w/ jetting. We live in the U.P. (Michigan) so the weather is pretty cold. Just wondering if the settings you started with worked or if you had to go up on the main a little for colder temps. Any help you or anyone else could offer will be greatly appreciated!! :D

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