Jetting for ice riding


talked to Jeff, he has a set of tires for me, but will not get them till the middle of Feb. let me know the next time you go on the ice, i have a friend that wants to check out your tires, he will buy a set when he see's what they will do.

Lori, so far so good with the jetting, It has been in the 40's and 50's all week, so I have not been on the ice much. It is going to be single digits here for temps this week, so I will know more this weekend. I will probably have to go up a little on the main, but I dont think I will need to go over a 180. Ill keep you posted!!


P.S. As far as tuning the carb goes, I am setting it up for ice racing only(wide open throttle, or shut off, very little part throttle application). I am not worried about off idle roughness or anything like that, as long as the bike doesnt hesitate while cracking the throttle. If you are going to ride snowmobile trails or anything like that, you may want to tune in your jetting at part throttle settings. :)

Good day,

I have been out on the ice 3 times now. The first 2 times it was 25-30 F. The last time was about 5 F. At 5 degrees, I was way lean at 162mj, 50pj, and clip position 4 with a stock OBDUT needle. I am surprised how much the behavior changed in those 20 degrees.

With the help of LarryCO, I have decided on a 165mj, 50pj, and the clip in position 5. However, I race indoor flat track Saturday night and I leave for the Republic of Georgia on the 15th, so I will not be able to test my new combo until early Feb.

I will let you know how it went….

Ride fast - take chances


Alright I spent about 3 hours out on the ice today, between 10 and 18 degrees and my jetting is SPOT ON!! I only adjusted the fuel screw 1/4 turn out. The bike is perfect from idle to wide open, even feathering the throttle, and putting around the bike runs flawlessly. I can tell you that I am extremely impressed with my 450, I really liked my 01 KX250 on the ice, but this 450 is like cheating!! :)

I had alot of time on my bike, an 04 YZ450, and an 03 YZ250f. I can honestly say that a WR is every bit as fast, and accelerates every bit as hard as a YZ. You do have to ride them a bit different,but I can say, on the ice the WR cam works very well.

I learned alot about how these bikes compare today.

Oh, and by the way, Freddette tires are absolutely awesome!! :D


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