2001 yz 426 engine vibration clutch problems?

Hello TT, i tried to find a relative thread for this issue but did not. anyways.i took my bike out yesterday and about 30 min into the ride i was going through a technical trail as i pulled in the clutch i noticed a difference in my rpms and in about 5 seconds it would bog and stall. this continued when im in nuetral and hold in the clutch it will do the same thing without going in gear.so i went home put it away did research and cant figure this out. today i started this bike up went to adjust the cable and it stalled as soon as i touched it. i checked my kill switch its fine. i noticed the zip ty holding my decomp and clutch cable was tight and maybe pulling on the decomp cable. so i cut the ty i fire the bike up i went out for 10 15 min just stop and go and it seems alright but i probably need to test it more. however im noticing that i have a significant vibration from the motor but when i pull the clutch in it feels good. any advice tips answers would be appreciated

The vibration sounds like it might be the bronze bushing on your clutch basket is worn out, maybe big end bearing about to self destruct, that would explain the stalling after running for a bit. Take a look at your oil filter for pieces of bronze, just guessing might be something simple.

When was the last time the bike was fully serviced?

It's probably time..........

im going to order a clutch kit this week and open it up. the motor was completely rebuilt with a new crank just over a year ago.

would u consider selling the engine?

no i wouldnt sell the motor. this is my favorite bike i ever owned and would do whatever it takes to keep it going

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