How good r the 02-04 cr125's?

I've only ridden 250 2t, looking to pick up an 02-03 cr125, I know the yz is probably a better choice but theyre too $. For the most part a pwk and some jetting will get her running strong? It seems that's all my case reed 250's needed. Ive been feeling the urge for a 125 pinger lately.

02-03 would be what i would buy. 04 was the first years of the electronic rc exhaust valve. Motor was a swing and a miss.

04 was the ONLY year of the electronic powervalve. Not a bad bike just limits your range on parts since its the bastard year. I had an 01 and it wasn't bad, but it was no yz. From what I read the 02 wasn't much better, but again everyone's opinion differs. If you can find a nice 05-07 they are the screamers. Basically just like the 250's of the same years, they didn't get good magazine reviews but a few simple tweaks and mods and they are runners.

Well I was looking at an 03 cr125 for $1k but it sold. Im either going with a cr, rm, or yz125. Basically whatever I can get a deal on but Im very comfy on my 02-03 cr250 so figured I should stay with a Honda. The Cr's come with Mikuni carbs also right?

Yes they come stock with a mikuni. I have an 2002 and I love the bike, they handle great, they are light and a lot of fun to ride.

Im wondering how they compare to a 00-04 yz125? Its probably between those two bikes.

Im wondering how they compare to a 00-04 yz125? Its probably between those two bikes.

yz has motor but no handling or brakes compared to the cr.

I've got an 02 cr125. The motors are a real dog, but these bikes handle like nothing else. I've got an fmf sst and shorty which definitely helped. Also rejetting will make a big difference. I'm running the stock sprocket sizes, they seem pretty good. I'm hoping to get an Apt Smart Carb (36mm cast) when they release it, and I'm boring it to 134cc when I rebuild it again. Also run 20/50 oil since its a two stroke. Other than that they're great bikes and a lot of fun!

That seems to be the consensus relating to the motors and handling. What about an rm125? I had an 07 rm250 and that honestly was the best 250 out of the box. Looks like its down to an rm or cr

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