Opinions on a 2008 yz450f

Hello all. I am thinking of trading my 2 stroke for a 2008 yz450f. The guy claims it has 90 hours on the bike. Is that a lot? Any suggestions would be great

I have a 08 yz450f and It's my first bike believe it or not. I absolutely love it. The power is smooth yet very responsive if you call on it. So far I have had it for about 3-4 months and couldn't be any happier and I'm 5' 8" 155lbs. It's also very reliable and I hope this helps your decision.

Super reliable and better handling than the 06/07 bikes. I love mine.

im 14 and have one... haha! i LOVE it!!!!

I have one and have raced it for the last three seasons. Love the bike. Not ideal for tight stuff overall a good reliable bike.

Had two stroke from 06-09. Liked it but rode a few 250f's. seemed to like them more then bought a yz250f. Was good for two years 09-11 then rode a yz250 at Yamaha demo days. Liked that and got a cr250 in fall 11. Been on that until now but found a deal on a 09 yz450. My cr was vibrating a lot which I didn't notice until multiple day rides. Good bikes but the vibes are killer on long multi day rides.

So just got this 450 and it's the first mx 450 I've had. I ride it on slow single track and forest roads. Phenomenal! Wish I bought one much earlier. One kick restarts, excellent hill climber, doesn't overheat, fatigues less than my smoker and my ears don't ring either!

90 hours is a lot. I Would def have a new piston put in before it grenades. I love my yz450f but your rolling the dice. It doesn't mean you shouldnt trade for it just factor that in to the value of the bike versus the condition of your smoker

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90 hours is a lot.


90 hours isn't a lot. Im getting close to 200 hours on my 08. Very good/fast/reliable bike, but it does tend to have some turning trouble on tight tracks. If you buy it I would tear it down and check the piston/valves/crank and replace the timing chain while your at it.

90 hours isn't terrible. but if if its 90 hours without maintenance it will need some work. I'd do a piston, check crank side clearance replace timing chain and check valve clearances. I replace mine at 80 hours but mine get ridden hard and I'm fine with preventative maintenance instead of waiting Til she blows. Overall I think u will be fine

The 08 YZ450 was the first "small feeling" 450 for me. Turned great and felt like a big bore 250F in many situations.

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