Excel rim ding removal tips...

Is there a home remedy for removing a ding on a rim... I have a few little rim dings and I'm going to be selling it would like to clean it up...

any tips will help... with out destroying the thing.


just take the hammer to it and beat the shiot out of those dents!!!! :):D

YA.. thats my issue. Its got black Excel rims and I'm going after any bit of re-sale I can... Begging for re- sale!!!

So...I gave it one good hammer hit, to check the "paint may chip" theory and as I expeced it chipped off.

What would someone say about heat? maybe discoloring of the rim... (from a "shiny black rim with a dent" to a "very dull, burned spot, dented rim...?)

Tire on/tire off ?

on bike/off bike?

anything or ideas?



If you are talking about those big warps that happen to the rim when you hit a basketball sized rock at speed, here is a good one:

With the tire off, put the rim in a vice. Cut down some bolts so that they just fit inside the rim, and space them just *outside* your bent spot. Then, tighten the vice.

This will draw in your bent-out sidewall.

Use a cloth between your rim and the vice, and they will still look purty.


put the rim in a vice

I tried the vise theory, and after a few twists of the vise handle, I cracked the rim. :D

I went back to beating them out with a hammer.

BTW, can a cracked rim be welded? :)

There are so many bent rims out there. Why doesnt someone make a large stamp of the rim with a hydraulic press-to re-form them? Almost everyone has a dent or two.

I have had success pounding the small ones out a bit, but not much.

I had to deal with a severaly tacoed rim in Baja recently. The inner tube was showing-although it never went flat.

Anyway-i went to a Mexican tire changer--those Baja Mexicans can fix anything with a hammer, screwdriver, and some wire....so we took the tire off. Put LOTS of heat all around the bent spot-the 'heat' was an old paint can full of clay with about a pint of siphoned gas in it. It burned hot for 1/2 hour! SO after 10-15 minutes of putting the bent part of the rim over the fire we put the bottom part of the rim (un bent part) in a large vice to hold it. WIth me holding the other side of the wheel for support the mexican took monkey wrench/pipe wrench and just worked the bent spot - bending it back!

He moved it about an inch!!!

I told him to stop as i was sure it was going to crack-he said we could keep going--but really it was good enough for me. Cooled it in a bucket, put the tire back on--and the bead was fully contacting aluminum. It was a bit discolored-but nothing that couldnt be worked out with some Mothers Aluminum Polish. The rim made it the rest of the trip--maybe 250-300 miles. No flats....

I think the heat was hot enough to soften the aluminum, but not hot enough to burn some of the trace elements out of the alloy--meaning it was probably only a bit weaker than when we started, but not by as much as a gas torch might do.

SO anyway-- maybe some sort of combo heat (carefully applied) and then a vice (with wood or thick cloth at contact points) with monkey wrench or vice grips (again with cloth at contact points) is the way to go.

just an idea-


I have gold rims and I use the hammer trick all the time. When I change tires I look for dents and hammer them back :D. I take the rim and lay it flat on the concert step in my garage and beat it with a lead hammer :D:). I also use a rag under the rim so it doesn't get scratched on the good side. :D

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