2008 WR450 main air jet. GTYR or stock.

Hey all I just bought a 2008 WR450 and im trying to figure out the jetting that was installed in it. The guy before me installed a GTYR AIS removal kit along w all of the jets. The one jet that Im having trouble figuring out is the Main Air Jet. The attached pic shows my carb with what looks like a jet that is about 1 inch down in the carb. I have heard that the stock Main Air Jet isn't a jet at all and just a hole. I've tried to take it out but Its really tight and I didn't want to break it off inside. Does this look like stock or not?



Don't know if what you have there is stock but if it is the GYT-R part leave it in.

The hole is normal

The airjet is pn the left

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