Puking Fluid - How Long Should it Take?

Just made a fuel screw adjuster like the one on Garrett's site. In the process of fidling with the adjustment (maybe 5 minutes)with the bike on the stand at idle and bliping the throttle here and there I noticed it started to puke radiator fluid out of the overflow.

What's up with that? Just trying to figure out if it should boil out in 4-5 minutes on the stand (I know they run hot) or if the radiator cap may be bad.

Also, I noticed that the bike has the hanging idle thing but it does it the further OUT I turn the screw, thought it was supposed to do that when it was lean? It would act like it was going to die about 1/8 - 1/4 turn out and then I'd get a different idle again at about 2.5/3 out.

Oh yeah, 01 426 in case you're wondering.

Thanks in advance

The radiator overflow thing is pretty par for these bikes. You could get a new cap with a higher pressure threshold but I don't think it's a problem. These bikes don't like to sit and idle for long...5 minutes is about tops...IMHO.

This will happen from time to time if you ride any tight technical trails too. Once you get moving and some air passes through the radiator it stops immediately. If not, then you have trouble.

Moral of the story,,,get on and ride...

J :)

The radiator should not be full to the top when cold, if you top it off it will puke it back out to its normal level, about 3/4" below the neck. mike

Yea...and it's a race bike so keep it moving.

If you are going to spend some time tuning the machine without movement, put a high speed fan into the radiator. Even just a little bit of air movement makes a big difference.

As for that fuel screw, the thing will run silly when lean, or rich. Find the happy medium. If there is no happy medium, you need some more dramatic changes or repairs.


He he, same thing happend to me guys....I was running it in and all of a sudden the damn thing started to overflow! it si only a cooling thing, but beware, it needs that air flow to keep cool!

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