I'm honored


I stumbled upon this site about six months or so ago. Since then, I've shared and learned riding tips, bike maintinence, set-up and everything else about this great sport with many of you. I've always been thankful that I've had you guys to turn to when I'm having a problem with my bike.

Since G-man's post about his friends tragic death, this site has taken on a whole new human element. One of the things that I love about this sport is the camaraderie between riders. Never is more apparent to me. I feel like I used to belong to a riders forum, and now it feels more like a fellowship.

G-man, If you are reading this, we are all with you and may you find peace.

You have all displayed so much compasion and support for our fellow TTalker, rider and friend. I have never met any of you, yet I am truley honored to be among you.



Well put. I agree 100%!!!!


I too am honored! It's a great board and family!

A few months ago a similar event (to G-man's) happened at our local track. It hits everyone hard. My sympathies and best wishes.


You guys are great and are REALLY helping me through this, I do appreciate it. The human element here is incredible and hard to explain but I feel it and spread the word. Today after my eulogy I gave to the family printouts from TT and FreshDirt.com (my other brothers) it meant so much to me and them. Thanks again to the creators (Bryan and Bill) and the great people who donate their time and money to keep it going.


btw here is the other link if you want to read all the support I received over there too.


.......and thank you to the creator/s of Thumpertalk.


I too am honored!

I just joined TT yesterday and have read everything I can.

I was using motozone, and although there are many guys who know their stuff...it is no Thumpertalk.

It is great to able to be included in such a great family.

Thanks to everyone

You're right Thomas. i've been to every other website there is. Thumpertalk is above and beyond. In terms of knowledge, character and fellowship, there is no equal.

Originally posted by Amador:

.......and thank you to the creator/s of Thumpertalk.


Sometimes this can be a "thankless job". Thanks for the kind words and you are quite welcome!.


Hang in there G-man...it will get better with time. Just remember that your friend was doing what he loved to do...as were you. Good luck and keep your head up.

Best Regards,

Paul P

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