Safari Tank 03-06 WR450

I planned on getting a 3.3 gal a cherbis for my WR450 to go with the 6.6 gal I picked up used. I always wanted the Sarfari tank but I cant justify spending 500 bucks for a tank. I was already to buy the 3.3 when I say a plan in TN was blowing out the two safari 4.1 gal tanks for only 330. For half the rides I do 3.3 is just a little short and I planned on using the 6.6 with around 4.5 -5 gal of fuel. Aka I would be swapping tanks all the time. With the 4.1 I will only swap to the 6.6 for my 200+ mile death valley ride I do each year.

There 4.1 is very slim and I cant wait to try it out. Here are a few pics for comparison.







Other shots of the 4.1




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Great Pics!  Ive also been on the fence over which tank to get.  I found the website your talking about selling the 4gallon Safari Tanks for 330 ( might go that route ) 

Your not by chance interested in getting rid of your Acerbis 6.6 gallon?   I think Id rather have the 6.6 tank.  but cant seem to find it online in the natural color.


Oh and something else.  That's a sweet looking mount on your bars,  looks like its for a Vapor Computer??  where did you get that?

Yup thats the one. 

Did almost 500 miles on the bike this last weekend. Off road in the dezert I got 35 MPG each day, even with some heavy right hand. My guess is you could get about 150 miles out of the 4.1 gal tank in desert conditions. 



The safari tank felt great, I wish I had 450 on hand to get the 6.8 safari and sell my Acherbis 6.6. 

Well I liked the safari 4.1 tank so much I sold my Acerbis 6.6 and got the safari 6.8 on close out. The tank was discontinued a few years ago and a few vendors have them. I got the last one from dual sport touring for 450 (normally 580). The acerbis is HORRIBLE for tall riders. It has cut outs to make it slim between the knees but if you are 6 foot plus they are too small. you cant scoot up on the seat with out doing the splits around the huge wings. I will post up when it gets here. Here is a few pics. The safari hold the gas WAYYY lower and the wings are super small. these are pics I found online. 



the 6.8 gal tank is based off of the 9 gal tank safari use to make. They made the wings thinner but the base is still the same. 


BTW, I ranting all this info because I could not find this info in 1 place. 













Here is a picture of the 9 gal tank. There is one for sale on ADV for 350, its in AUSSIIE land. 





Well its here. Safari vs Acherbis. 





















Is there enough room for radiator guards behind either 6.6 tank?

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