Does this look broke?

I know it is broken I just want confirmation before I spend $50 for a new impeller shaft. It's off of a 98 yamaha yz400f.



yup tis broke

I figured. I got a new one coming lol. So I read how to take it apart to get the broken piece but when people refer to the right side casing, are the talking about the side with the clutch or the right side of the bike while looking at it. Because I'm thinking I'm going to have to take the gear off that the impeller shaft went into. Correct??

The right side of the bike looking forward.

You tried to unscrew the impeller from the outside, huh?

No I took it all apart and everything. I followed the steps from other thread and from posts you put on my thread. It was broken before I started working on it because the impeller spun freely when everything was still together. I just can't wait to get the parts so I can ride the bike lol. I trade a crf230 for this bike and have been doing maintenance on the bike since the trade lol. But it does start right up which is good lol.

So I took off the magneto casing( the left casing) to see if the piece that broke was over there, good news it was not. But I had to push down on the shifter to remove the casing and when I did it went into first gear. I pulled the shifter up to put it into neutral but got it into second by accident. Now the gear is stuck in second. After I put everything together and start the bike, I SHOULD be able to shift out of that gear correct?? Someone please shed some light.

If you shifted with the right side cover removed, you probably allowed the shift shaft to drift to the right and become disengaged from the shift segment. In that case, you'll probably need to remove the clutch to put things back together.

(Part #1 has become separated from part #10 and #2)


YAY more maintenance lol. I'll do that today then, hopefully my new impeller shaft comes in today so I can have the bike back together. By removing the clutch, it won't mess with the kick start spring right? Because when I messed around with my old clutch on my 180Rt it messed the kick start spring which was no fun to get back together lol. I appreciate all the help Gray and everyone else

YAY more maintenance ...

More like "unscrewing up", but OK.

lol yea basically haha, I wouldn't have to worry about it, but my dad and I wanted to be 100% positive that the broken piece of the impeller shaft wasn't in that casing or floating around somewhere. Thankfully I have done this before on my older bike, because I replaced the entire shift shaft. The new impeller shaft is at the house, so the bike should be ready later today hopefully lol. I'll put up some before and after pics of the bike.

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