New to the YZ426F

I just got my new 2001 YZ426F last Saturday. A freind and I went to the track Sunday (this thing cooks).

It started great the first few times but after the last break, I couldn't get it going again.

I know all the 4's can be hard to start, but is this normal?

Will it get a little better after I have ridden it a few times or is this a breakin for me as well as the bike?

Thanks for the help?


What's the BK Mod? Where can I get some info on that?



My bike was real weird to start the first few weeks I had it! It would start great at the house but whenever I loaded it up to go anywhere it wouldn't start, so I was forced to change the plug and then it would fire up first kick (this went on for 3-4wks! The cause of this was not my "starting drill" it was the little gray one way valve that is connected to the hose coming out of the gas cap! This one way valve keep gas/vapors from coming out but allows air in! Well after loading my bike up (in the hot sun) the vapor pressure built up inside the tank and it was forcing gas inside my carb/cylinder and successfully flooded my bike before I even got to the track. Once I removed this little gray piece my starting problems went away and my bike has ran flawlessly ever since.

For info on the BK carb mod goto: You will be amazed at what a $5 mod will do to your already blazing fast 426! Later,


Did you try the hot start?

I tried it for the first 10 minutes. Then I tried it with the choke then without. I also tilted the bike to the side to drain the bowl and then use the choke again.

Nothing Worked.

The ride home took about an hour. After I got the bike home, it started first kick.

Do you think it was operator error?

Just to make sure, are you following the "drill?"

Bring to TDC, then w compression release in, ease past TDC a bit, let the kick start return to the top, then kick it like you mean it (all the way through the stroke).

No "blipping" of the throttle allowed during this. Some bikes like two "blips" prior to the drill when cold. Mine does not.

When I stop for a break, I kick it first w/o the hot start. If it doesn't light up first kick, then I pull the hot start. Never had it not start in 1 or 2 few kicks (except when the weather changed dramatically and I needed fuel screw adjustments).

Good Luck!

All four bikes (two 426's & two 250f's) that I've done the BK mod to will start first kick, even after a spill. I don't know why the mod cured the ill starting beast but it did in every case. Go figure...


Yes, it will get better. I was so frustrated I was ready to trade it off ('01 426 bought in October).

I don't know if I learned the bike, or if it learned me! :)

The owners manual sez to put a new sparkplug in after breakin (10hours?). I did that, along with the oil change, and things just got better. Was it the breakin? The plug? Don't know, but it sure is a lot more fun now!!!

Be patient, don't give up-- it will get better.

'01 yz462. Holding on for dear life! :D

Thanks for all the help guys.

I appreciate it!! :)

Through trial and error, what I have found to work for starting is to always kick it through about 5 or 6 times with the compression release pulled and then go through the normal routine. This is most effective any time the engine is stalled during a race. It's also a good habit to get into before starting the first time of the day because you pump oil into the head. I do this at least 10 times before starting the first time of the day.

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