hard starting...help

i'm new to this board i know that this is XR but i have an '83 XL 600R that was given to me the only mod is a supertrap muffler....

this is the hardest starting bike i have ever seen when we (my friends and i) go riding we unload my bike first and eveyone helps to get mine started because it has taken as long as 40 minutes( usually takes about 15 minutes of kicking and cursing) to start this tank. i now carry starting fluid but that is a royal pain does anyone have any ideas on how i can make this easier to start. thinking about buying a new bike and would have to sell this one but who would buy it if it doesn't start. thanks Mike

My first thought would be a compression test. Being an 83 your talking 20 years of beatings. The topend is probably on it's way out. If that comes up ok, then I would clean the hell out of the carb and check your airfilter. Change the plug, put fresh gas in and go from there. It's winter-time and richer jetting is in order now. Good luck.

the bike has 10K miles on it i have changed the plug,oil,air filter, removed the carbs and cleaned them (man what a pain)haven't done a compression check because sometimes starting it kicks back hard and sometimes when i forget about the compression release and kick with out it it won't kick

Did you re-jet it after the super trap. Sounds to lean on the pilot jet. I had one and I had to take the plug out and put it back in to get it started, back then I had no idea why. Now there is the hot start button.

no did nto rejet because i was told that i didn't have too unless all discs where in the trap.... only 5 are in..

would it be a good idea to rejet?

Hi I have a 83xl600 and she is real cool blooded.but when she runs she runs strong.I all so rebuilt the carbs and no change.

Things to check:

Air leak at your rubber boots

Choke not activating (enrichener....whatever)

Idle mixture screw O ring missing/cracked

Idle mixture screw not adjusted correct

Wrong float level

Clogged air vent tube (not likely)

Try some of these........

Buckarmadillo (NM)

You probably don't want to hear this but a common problem on the XLs is the stator. Do a check according to Clymers. It may or may not show the problem (mine did). I had an 86 XL600 and I did everything else before replacing the stator. In the end it cost me way more than it should have.

Look around for Electrex stators, you can get them cheaper than Electrex's advertised price($200ish).

The old XL is not bad. I got rid of mine for a 01 piggy and have not regretted it at all. Don't spend too much on the old bike if you can get a good used BRP for a little more.

Good Luck.

If the valves are outta wack, that can make for hard starting and erratic idle too!

The ignition part of the stator can be rewound for a few dollars worth of materials.

install an IX Iridium spark plug from NGK, it makes a world of difference. -Matt

Frogman says sell that dog and get a bike.

1983, damn, Flock of Seagulls was popular than, that thing got "disco dust" on it, get rid of!

But if you're broke and gotta keep it, check the intake manifold, it probably dry rotted and cracked and you're sucking air.

Frog :)

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