1985 KLR250 (Questions)

Hi all I am new to this forum. I recently purchased a 1985 KLR250 now when I bought it there were two things about it that stood out.

1 It has no title

2 It did not run.

With the title in mind I was told provided the vin did not come up as stolen I could apply for a title in my name and would get one. I am currently in NEW YORK I purchased a vehicle history report and it came up that the bike was last registered in 1996 in massachusetts.

So that is my first question I guess do you think it will be tough to obtain a title? The vehicle history report said it was not stolen. I assume the origional owner lost the title and sold it with just a bill of sale.

Secondly when I bought it I was told it needed a CDI box and it would run. Now I took it to I guess you can say a backyard mechanic and they basically told me the whole electrical system is shot.

Lets go with worse case scenario and say he is right and I take it to a shop. Do you think it would cost more then $1,000 to fix it completely?

Also do you think its worth it.

Just joined the forum.....seems no-one responds to KLR 250 issues....try klr650.net as well....Cant help with the title info (Canadian eh)...... CDI pack is about $120 on flea bay unless you can find a parts bike....buying an 85 means work - disc caliper rebuild / replace brake line; possible top end - seals/rings (if you haven't witnessed the motor running, you don't know what you have got) ; many of the bolts will  be rusted and fragile; worn chain / sprockets; unserviced rear shock; What is the date code on the tires? >6 years, need to replace..... etc etc. If you have little or no experience in DIY mechanics, you have 3 basic options: 1: get the 600 + 250 manual/supplement and start learning.  2. Be prepared to shell out 100's and 100's of $$ for shop labour +oem parts or 3. Sell it as a parts bike / rebuild and get something that runs. The reality is that older bikes need a lot of care and attention to bring them back. I like option 1 - get the books and learn. I hope you didn't spend a pile of cash on this bike...... I just got a complete 250 with spare motor for $500 - needs seals and rings but is good......

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For a bike that old. I'd buy a service manual and learn how to work on it myself. I had an'00 KLR 250 I burned up when I was younger that I should of done that to.

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