05 450 off road conversion/sm what u think?

thought i would throw my 2 cents in. feedback appreciated.

so, im doing this as cheaply as possible, but i dont want it to be obvious. i hide my ignition on my radiator brace. i was gonna wire it myself but opted for the tusk wiring harness. and just add my own winkers. tusk dot brake/tail light. its my understanding that all lights must meet dot in nevada to pass. winkers are from auto zone, they are clearance lights for a trailer. 5 leds and dot approved. acerbis cyclops for 75 off of craigslist. horn from pic a part, tusk control switch, wiried in my own fuses, ran the brake light switch thru the sub frame, very clean,trail tech speedo, striker, i am runnin a total loss lighting system as there is no stator options for the 05. i was told that the oem stator could handle extra stuff but i havnt tried that yet. harbor frieght powdercoating system, all they had was black and orange. worked better than i thought though i had to coat things twice for a good finish. probably cuz the low grade chinese powder. i was gonna go with oem hubs and buy spokes and new hoops for an inexpensive wheel setup till i found a gs500 front at picapart. 45 with the tire, went with new bearings 6004 or timken 9104. waitin on a sv 650 non offset rotor. its a 290mm rotor so i gotta figure out which caliper bracket will work 270 or 320?? do they make a 290? found a truck at picapart with track take offs and they sold me some for 10 bux a piece. smiley face. also got sliders from picapart for 5 bux super smiley face. still need a kickstand, mirrors, spokes for the back hub/hoop 17" 36 hole and 4.5" , a tube, , a seat cover, rear tire, if anyone is lookin to get rid of lemme know

no feedback huh?

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