New Q4 Damaged? - Please help

Please help, I want to ride in the morning. (08 WR450F)

I just opened up my new FMF Q4 to swap out the OEM muffler. The new muffler is the right part but has a very pronounced flat spot between the header pipe end and the first bolt for the subframe. Flat spot is on the engineicon1.png side. The box was damaged, but doesn't appear damaged enough to have resulted in this big of dent. The customer service guy was "pretty sure" it was right but told me to call FMF. FMFis closed til Monday - which is a problem since I'm pretty set on trying out my new muffler first thing Sunday.

Anybody with a Q4 know if this is right? Hopefully, you can see it in the attached pic.


Seems to look like this:


It is hard to say without knowing where the dint is but- If it is inline with the muffler bolt, it is there to clear the frame (so it does not rub on the frame).

That's the way they come

Yeah, I think your good to go.

Thanks. The point has kind of become moot. They didn't ship me the adapter sleeve that I need. So, instead of shipping me the sleeve - I am going to have to ship it back and wait for a new one. When I get the next one, there will be no doubt.

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