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Front fork slop,help.

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So I've got a 06 YZ250 and ended getting in a accident with it. Ended up cross rutting right before a turn and the bike stood up on me at the right moment where a tree was waiting. Front end hit the side and the bike and me got flung over.

I bent and replaced the front rim thinking that was the only damage. When i set the bike down to apply the brakes so the forks get aligned before tightening the pinch bolts I noticed slop where the front fork shaft enters the bottom fork assembly. You can see movement when you rock the bike back and forth, not only in that spot but it seems like maybe something internal is broken also? My question is how hard is it to replace that assembly part? I realize I'm going to need to have that fork looked at cause I feel that something internal has got to be messed up also.

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