06 yz450f overflowing!

I have a 2006 yz450f and everytime i go for a ride as soon as i stop there is some coolant that come out the overflow. i know it could be my head gasket but the bike doesn't even smoke white or anything. it also gets really hot really fast. im thinking it could be the cap or the head gasket. any help would be appreciated.

well i started the bike once more and after about 30 seconds i noticed the header was cherry red. i know that is normal but i shouldnt be like that just after 30 seconds. and when i fired it i smelled some coolant. really lost here need some help!

I'd start with a leak down test, pressurize it with shop air take off the rad cap and look for bubbles, get a OTC leak down tester they are cheap and will come in handy again. How many hours are on the bike?

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