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2012 exhaust mod

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The 2012 baffles are welded in making opening it up more difficult. So I figured I would share what I did with mine.

Removed the end cap. Then carefully cut the steel between the screen and the spot welds to remove the spark arrester to later be welded back into place. Then cut the inside end off the large part of the baffle, if you're not careful about removing the spark arrester you may have already done that, it is the second layer of steel you see under the arrester tube. Then slide a 1 1/8" holesaw from the outside of the assembly over the outlet tube and cut the outside of the tube loose from the assembly. Now the whole baffle assembly will come out of the end cap, it does take some pushing and twisting because of the steel packing in the large part of the baffle. At this point it is almost as loud as running with no end cap. So I rewelded the spark arrester back into place, it's louder than stock but no louder than a 450R. It measures 86db with a cheap sound pressure meter, not sure how accurate that is though.






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