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I am having a hard time on picking a dirtbike. I want something that I can dual sport mostly 70/30 (dirt/street) after lot's of research I decided on a DRZ400 seemed like a good bike but they all go for around 2800-4500 in my area...then I seen a few KTM400 exc's very cheap now I know the ktm will not be as bullet proof as the drz but how reliable are they? also I found a 2002 ktm400 exc for 2k that only need's a dual sport kit to be streetable is that a good buy? here is some pro's and cons I can think of between the 2

KTM pro's con's Drz pros cons

backup Kickstart not as good on street as Z bullet proof engine 5 speed

6 speed low oil capacity cheaper part's no kickstart backup

hydro clutch good road manors little heavy offroad

better suspension

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