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Rear spring advice - DRZ400S

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I'm bottoming out the rear shock on rough terrain.

6'1 weighing 221lbs with normal gear.

Racetech calc says I want a spring around 5.88kg.

I ride atv, single track woods trails, logging/fire trails and minimum maintenance roads as aggressively as I can.


Unsprung - 25 1/2"

Static - 23 1/4"

Weighted - 20 1/8"

It shows I currently have 5" (127mm) of race sag and 2"(50mm) of static sag.

My reading shows I want 95-100mm race sag and ~30mm static sag.

Looks like I should be able to crank the collar down to decrease the sag.

But from what I'm reading it sounds like the better option is to get a new spring that's meant for my weight.

Looking for your thoughts on this. Should I go with the Eibach 5.7 or the Eibach 5.9?

Will the 5.9 be to stiff? Just not sure how much I trust online calculators and want to verify with your guys experiences.

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You'll get more responses in the DRZ-400 sub-forum, but the stock 5.5 kg/mm spring is insufficient. I weight 180 w/o gear and with the spring preloaded to the max allowable, per the service manual, (spring length between collars 9.75"). I'm at 1.375" static and 3.875" race sag (w/o gear on)...

I'm basing my sag settings per dwight rudder's info:

Front suspension static sag should be 14% ( available travel in mm X .14 = static sag in mm)

Front suspension rider sag should be 25% (X .25 = Rider sag)

Rear suspension static sag should be 11% of available travel (X .11 = static sag)

Rear suspension rider sag should be 34% of available travel (X .34 = rider sag)

So the target would be 3.94" race & 1.28" static sag. I'm going with a 5.7 spring as generally recommended on the forum. I would say the 5.9 springs sounds about right for you.

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