For Sale 2001 426

I am sorry to say I have to get rid of by baby, partly because of a new baby. Anyway it has a white bros. pipe, x-ring chain, susp by House of Horse power, Pro Tapers, New Dulops 756, and New Ceet cover. It was my first new bike and had the oil changed every three rides with mobil syn. red label. The first 4000.00 takes it.

It has been a privillage to discuss the greatest sport ever known to man with you.

Later The Fireman

P.s. I can E-mail pics if I have an address

Price Reduction!!!!! 3500.00 I need to get rid of this before the end of the year.

Later the Fireman

hey big time bummer dude!

but congratulations on the new baby! :)


do you still have your bike? if so would you be willing to ship it

Nozzlejockey, e-mail me asap!!! I am very interested and have cash in hand! Where is the bike located?

I am also vry interested. E-Mail me at


For those of you interested in the bike, I will include my e-mail address at home and can send you a pic from there. I will also send my phone number to call me. The bike is in oregon around eugene off of I-5.

Later The Fireman

I guess I forgot the vital info.

Phone is 541-933-1096 and E-mail is


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