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xt350 jetting solved

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I have a 95 xt350 was unmolested with only 450 miles on it when i bought it last month. It now just turned 1000 miles today and today was the day that I finally worked the jetting out to expectations.

i took everyone's advise and went with the following:

1. uni filter

2. larger jet from a XT600 (130 main)

3. shimmed the needle with 1 washer from an electrical connector

4. removed the snorkel from the airbox to breath better.

5. removed the spark arrestor

it still ran rich in the above configuration and had plenty of hesitation at WOT. It still was lacking air. so today i removed the side cover from the airbox for a short test run and let me tell you this bike's motor came alive. it was lacking air, air and more air. so I came home and cut the side cover in a triangular shape and opened it up. it worked like a charm . bike acts completely different with lots of pulling power. I put the spark arrestor back in to see how it would behave when I hit the trails and it was a negligible difference so I was happy and can't wait to get it back on the trails.

I am not sure a new pipe would make it any better outside of losing some weight but thinking about a Dg or a suppertapp IDS2 ?

needless to say I hope this helps others that undertake the same on the XT350. I was scratching my head on the changes until I gave it what it wanted after the fatter jetting and that was Air not just a uni filter .

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