Canadian 2004 WR 450 F Price.............

What did you pay with all taxes included ???

Also are their any differences from the US model ???

Is they grey wire an alternative free mod on this model ???

Thank you

I've should have added that i paid $8,600.00 Canadian for mine in cash & it won't arrive here until January.

That would amount to $6,450.00 U.S Taxes in.

I realize that the shipping to the far North maybe more costly.

I would like to know how much other Canadians have paid so i could have some leverage to get a few freebies thrown into the deal !!!

The total on my 03 came to $8300. The diffrence's from the US is diffrent exhuast, no airbox cover, no throttle stop, and apparently no grey wire. This is for the 03 though. Did the 04 wr get the gripper seat and ti foot pegs.

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