BK Mod on the 2002

I know alot of people who have done the BK Mod on the 00-01 and love them. But, I have never hear anything but bad things about people who have tried it on the 02. I would love to get some of the 02 guy's input.

I know 2 guys personally who have 02' YZ426's and the BK mod works great! Later,


Hey there,

Here's an email I got from BK on this.


Hi there. I have been reading your posts on thumper talk and am sorry to hear you didn't have good luck with the carb mod I posted. I just wanted you to know that the modificaton isn't needed for an 02 426 because they carburate well already. The only reason I would do this to a new bike is to add adjustability to the carb. After all thats all it ever was intended to do in the first place. There has been an overwelming response to my original post but it was not intended to be a cure for all ills. I am happy to hear you bike rips in it's stock form and by all means if it ain't broke don't fix it! But if you just simply remove the adjusting screw the carb wil be back to stock.

If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them. Now that I have restored my internet connection I will try to help fellow 426 mechanics as much as I can.

Feel free to contact me at

I know that this is a "WR" question, but I'm not sure if BK goes over there, so I need to ask if the BK mode is necessary on the '02 WR , and or an '02 Canandian WR ???


I'm not BK, but if you don't have any hesitation on the low end, I wouldn't make the mod. Just my .02.


Originally posted by Glen T:


I'm not BK, but if you don't have any hesitation on the low end, I wouldn't make the mod. Just my .02.


Good point. On the other hand you may not know what you are missing. If you are the type that likes to fine tune your jetting (there’s always room for improvement) I think it is a must, and you are after all only a screwdriver and five seconds away from returning to stock settings.

But if you are happy with how your bike carburates and don’t care for taking carbs apart just ride the hair off it and be happy.

I think the email Brian sent to kfrosty makes this point nicely.

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