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coolant smell while riding

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I needed some advice. 05 kx250f has some issues. I go milky oil in the crankcase and went ahead and changed out the water pump seals etc.

Started the bike up and warmed it for no more than 2 min. Coolant rushed out of the overflow hose.

Found that there is a lot of pressure in the radiators and the bike is not even hot.

took out for a ride and the guy behind me told me that he smells coolant. I checked the level and sure enough it was lower that usual.

Strange thing is the bike even after sitting for 24 hours still has some pressure in the radiators. It would seem if the head gasket was blown the pressure should of bled down.

Going to change it out anyways but was wondering if there might be something else causing the problem like a crack in the water jacket on the head etc.



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