How do I get the Crankshaft & Conrod Assy out of the Bottom Engine Case?

Hi Guys,

I am parting out a 1999 WR400 and are currently pulling the bottom end of the engine apart.

I got the Engine Case away from the Crankshaft on one side but on the other side it is real hard to get off.

It may be a pressure fit in to the bearing so before I destroy something I thought I should ask the experts.

Does anyone have any tricks for getting the Crankshaft out of the bottom engine case bearings?

Do I need a Press to push it out?

It is not hard to remove, just use a Pvc pipe or piece of dowel (wood) the same size as the crankshaft and lightly tap it out being careful not to damage it.

If that is not enough force, try using a brass or copper pipe, a thickish piece of hard wood dowel should do the trick though. If that fails use the correct puller.

Thanks Barra, I have use a piece of dowel but its being stubborn so I think I will try a piece of brass and see how that goes.

At least I know I am on the right track now so will give it a better go this time.

No problems,

Just don't damage the anything in the process. If it's being a prick- hold a piece of hard wood against the crankshaft whilst tapping it out with a hammer.

If you're planning on having the crank replaced or at least realigned, then go ahead and hammer it out like that. If not, go at least rent a simple crow's foot or cross bridge universal puller and get a couple of bolts to screw into the puller holes so you won't cause more problems than you solve.

I got I out

If you're parting it out and the gears are in good shape, I'll probably take them. PM me!

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