I have my engine (650R) apart to change out broken transmission parts and I am seeing that I am getting a little oil past the rings. Time to replace them. My question is can you run a ball-hone in the cylinder to break the glaze or will I damage it that way?

Thanks in advance!


its a no-hone chrome zone as far as i know...

Just had mine done by Barnumspro.com: As always they did a GREAT job, and worked late into the night just before the Baja 1000 to get my engine back to me for the pre-running.

Thanks Rob!

-new piston, rings, valves, rod, crank...went with the Kibblewhite valves/springs, Carrilo rod, OEM piston. Cant believe how much better it runs!

Unexpectedly found a 1/2 broken timing chain in the process and some VERY worn tensioner plastic plus the valves where tuliped (despite periodic tightening)...something to look for/just FYI. :)


Nowthen, if it is a "no hone crome zone" how do you go about getting new rings to seat?


The cylinder is welded with a nickel and crome and rehoned. Or you can have it bored and a steal sleave put in for the 680 kit? That's what I am going to do a long with cam, bigger valves and what ever else Mr. Rob Barnums can work up for me. :)


Ok, I am not trying to be difficult her but I have no cylinder damage that I have to remove, I am not installing a larger piston, I am just replacing the rings and I want them to seat in. In the past I have run a ball hone through the cylinder to break the glaze and seat the rings. Nowthen, if you can't run anything through the cylinder to cross-hatch the cyclinder and break the glaze how in the hell do you ever get new rings to seat?

Has anyone out there replaced rings? What did you do?


I used a ball hone on my wr , it was nickel plated, and turned out fine. A ball hone won't take enough material off to go though the nickel plating.

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