Tools needed to replace 2006 YZ450F fork seals?

Whats up guys, first time posting on here about my '06 yz450f that I got a few months ago. I scored it really cheap on craigslist after the whole thing was completely built and I absolutely love it but it's time to replace my fork seals for the first time. I've had race quads in the past so this is a first. I know there are ways around using the actual tools but I figure this won't be my only time replacing them so I want to go ahead and get all the oem or aftermarket tools to change them. What all do I need? Here is a pic of the shocks. Thanks!


Seal driver, fork cap and the special tool for the top of the fork. I can't remember what its called, but it goes right where where the compression clickers are and it lets you separate the inner and outer fork legs.

Hope that makes sense

To replace only the fork seals, you need a "cap" wrench (actually the top of the cartridge assembly, but doubles as the cap for the top of the fork), which is a 49mm octagonal wrench, and a decent seal driver. To go a step farther and change the oil in the damper cartridge, you'll need a 32mm octagonal "compression valve removal tool", basically a 32mm octagon with a 19mm/3/4" hex on top by which to drive it. Some simple tool that will hold the rod up as you disconnect it will be very helpful, as well.

This set includes all those functions other than the seal driver:


You should also have a manual:


This thing really helps also. It holds the rod out so you can take the bolt out.


Just did mine, easy job. Took 40 minutes to do both sides while drinking a few beers and bench racing. If there is no sticker on the forks telling you the amount of fluid you will have to replace to OEM and decide from there if you like it. I used Honda HP5 fluid.

The tusk racing fork cap wrench has the rod holder built in to it.

The tusk racing fork cap wrench has the rod holder built in to it.

Nice, I see that now that you mention it but I didn't know that. I used my buddies setup. I will def get the tusk wrench then. One less tool to misplace in the tool box.

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