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Cylinder Head Breather Tube - oil drip

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I currently own an '08 Yamaha yz250f. After riding for several hours the other day, i put my bike in the garage, came back a few hours later, and noticed a puddle of oil (about the size of my palm) underneath the bike. Although there was no clear dripping, it was obvious that the oil was coming out of the cylinder head breather tube.I live in Saudi Arabia, and am often riding when the outside air temperature is as hot as 45 degrees celsius (the user's manual cautions against riding when it is over 45 degrees). I run the recommended 20w50 oil, and check fluid levels on the bike before every ride.

Does the heat have anything to do with this? Is this the result of an overfilled oil tank or a broken seal?

I have read several other forums on this topic, none of which have given me a definate answer.

Any advice or insight would be much appreciated.

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