Rear Wheel Soft Hub

I read this comment on a forum, under a topic a guy started telling he is a +100kg rider and had blown his gearbox in a race. People tell him he needs a soft rear hub-

" It's a rubber mounted rear sprocket (completely new rear hub/rim) if you are doing a lot of hard surface riding (bitumen) or a heavy weight on grippy surfaces your gearbox will blow to pieces with out soft hub."

I am a +100kg rider too, so i´m looking for other riders oppinions on this subject....

They are called a cush drive and have been around for years. they are supposed to reduce hard loading drive train components when traction is at its best like on slab. I don't think it would hurt to have one.


First off, you already have a 'cush' system in your clutch.

Second, unless you are doing hard downshifts on tarmac, you wheel is going to spin past the point of traction before transmitting damage.

I ride all my dual sports with stock hubs and transmissions, and have never had a problem in 23 years.

No, I don't do much holligan or supermoto style riding, casue I prefer not to be 'that guy', or get tickets.

If I need that kind of release, I go off road.

Do a search on 'cush hub'.

Do a search on 'blown transmission' won't find but one or two examples, and they won't relate to 'weight' or 'cush hub needed'

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