Why do quad riders hate dirt bike riders?

My first "offroad" thing I bought was an '86 250R, put a million miles in it, never wiped it out in the dirt (tons of times in the snow). Every person that took it for a spin rolled it and ultimately that's what did it in, to many wipeouts tweeked the frame and loosened everything up. Totally different, as said, than either of my other toys(both quads and bikes).

Cuz dirt bikes get the hot chicks! That's why.lol ;)

Because quad riders can kill themselves easier than a dirt bike rider. Pure jealousy.

That's why you need a ATC250R. I like my supermoto, but a three wheeler would be fun aswell. 

There's enough &%$#@!in space for atvs to ride and bikes if your hating on one or the other that is gay af and your a whiny ass bitch probably stuck up and think you own the trails tracks whatever the &%$#@! your riding on everyone got into riding for the love of riding the freedom of getting away from everything who tf are you to say I don't like him he's on a atv or there lazy shut the &%$#@! up if a biker rolls up you'll be quick to speak and be best bros but you look at a guy on a atv different that's &%$#@!in stupid an I'm a dirt biker myself don't let a dirtbike make you act like a shitty human being we are all doing what we love period

I ride a utility 4wheeler mostly. Around me, the guys on the big utility quads dont like the guys on sport quads and vica versa. Sport quads cant go through mud and we are always having to drag them through any holes. Oddly enough though, we get along with dirtbike riders as the ones we ride with are more the overlander types like us so its pretty harmonious. when it comes to mudholes, we dive in and they snake around them. Other than that we carry their stuff, for them and they can rip around while we cruise. We eventually catch up and the cycle continues <-- pun intended.



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