Tim Staab seriously injured at Vegas 200

I know some of you are desert racers or follow desert racing so thought you might be interested in this.

Tim Staab medical update



Motorsport.com -- Tim Staab, 23, co-driver with Johnny Campbell and winners of the Baja 1000, is in crititical but stable condition at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas following an accident in the BITD Las Vegas 200 yesterday.

Staab is currently in the critical care ICU of the University Medical Center, one of the top trauma facilities in the Western United States. According to Dr. Frederick Lippmann, BITD medical director, and staff member of UMC, Tim Staab has massive head injuries in addition to a dislocated left shoulder. He was unconscious upon arrival at the hospital, initial tests indicated no swelling of the brain, but he was placed in a medically induced coma pending further tests.

Further tests today indicate that there is swelling to the brain. The tests also found some bleeding in the brain, this is more life threatening than the swelling. The doctors have started treating him with steroids to reduce the swelling.

The Honda Racing driver had taken over from his team mate and was on the first of two laps when at the seven mile mark, he hit a loose rock and was thrown over handle bars of his bike. He was in second place in the overall at the time. The third and fourth place drivers immediately stopped to lend assistance. The BITD medical team was on the scene within five minutes and stabilized the unconscious Staab, He was transported to University Medical Center by medical helicopter and arrived within 15 minutes of his accident.

This is remarkable response time for any medical team, even more so for one that has to work over the large area of a desert race. When the BITD medical team arrived at the scene, Staab was unconscious, with slow heart rate and shallow breathing. The quick response of the medical team is responsible for Staab being alive when he reached the medical center. At any other event, other than CART or SCCA, it is unlikely that he would have made it to the hospital alive.

Staab's family and his personal friend and team mate, Johnny Campbell are at the hospital with him. Campbell and the Honda Racing team asked that thoughts and prayers be with Tim Staab at this time. They request that there be no calls, flowers or cards be sent to the medical center at this time. An address will be forthcoming where these may be sent.

Motorsport.com will have more updates as they are available.

Motorsport.com staff thoughts are with Tim Staab, his family and friends.

BITD Las Vegas 200 race notes

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