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Breather pipe leaking oil

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Evening all,

I would really appreciate some advice with an oil leak on my 2012 YZ250F. It has develpoed a leak from where the auxiliary oil tank breather pipe enters the crankcase on the right side of the bike, see item 17 at this microfiche link for the part I'm referring to - a black hose connects this union with the top of the aux oil tank.

On inspection this metal breather pipe seems loose in the crankcase i.e. there is play if you move it back and forth, and oil is coming from all around its edges. It appears from the diagram that there is no thread so is it some kind of interference fit - how should it be removed? Does anyone know if there is any seal on the inside which may have failed? Has anyone seen this before and how did you solve it?

It is possible that the previous owner had run the bike with the aux oil tank removed (as with many race teams and others) but replaced before sale to me so maybe the replacement has caused damage here?

Struggling to find info on this one so any advice would be a real help.

Thanks. 🙂

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