maps for 2014 yz450

Stock bike feels lean(with vp u4.4) using mapping tool added +3 to entire fuel map much better. That said, anyone made any maps for pipe,fuel, etc. thanks.

How is the power on 2014 ? Is it different than 2013 ?

It's hard to say my 2010 yz is full gtyr motor,my 2013 crf is ported,cams,piston,etc,so to ride a stock bike its not fair.Rode a friends 2013 kx back to back to the 14 yz,the kx was stronger. KX gearing stock is 13/50 yz is13/48. 14 yz feels like it weighs nothing, lightest feeling 450 made.It's much better feeling /handling than the10-13 yz.The honda turns better,but its on par with the kx maybe slightly better.

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