Any good clutch mods for the 99 400???

I am in the middle of doing some internal kick starter repairs on my 99 400, and I was wondering if there are any clutch mods to help things out while I have it apart. I have read posts talking about drilling... Do these pertain to this year??? THANKS :):D

The oiling problem with the inner hub is inherent with the design. My inner hub just gave up the steel insert so I got a Hinson unit. My stocker was drilled the former owner. He drilled approx.12-15 holes in it. My Hinson has 30 I bet. Knowing what I know now, Id drill it. Drill the bottoms the of grooves. Mine was drilled at the tops, which didnt help the grooves themselves.

I guess I'm lucky, my 99 still has the stock clutch and plates. I ride a lot, and I do use the clutch. It is still really smooth. My buddy's 99 is the same, no problem. But my other friend's 00 426, that's another story. I guess the clutches on the YZF are as inconsistant as the fuel tanks (I'm on my 3rd!).

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