Grip installation.

I am an ex '81 XL250 owner who is just getting back into my first love of dirt bikes and I recently bought a well kept '94 XR600R and I am very happy with the bike(great power over the 250). I am currently replacing some worn parts (all plastic, clutch cable, grips etc.) Iam looking for some grip install tips since I can't remember the last time I bought new grips as well as whether or not there is any black or blue fenders/side panels that will work on my bike without modification and is the XR400 and XR600 using the same plastic? Thanks, Walnish. AnY tips on the XR600R would be appreciated.

Iam looking for some grip install tips

I've used paint, headliner spray, grip glue, water/soap mix and even WD40, etc, all with fair to good results. The headliner spray worked very well, but you have to work very quickly because it dries quickly. I've mostly used spray paint in the 70's & 80's when I rode much more often and sometimes used water mixed with a small bit of dishwashing soap, but I've always followed this up with safety wire and never had a problem. I safety wire each grip in 3 places (ends & middle) and bend the small twisted ends into the lower front of the grip and never feel a thing from it. I also like Spyder grips if you're looking for different brands to try out.

I second the motion on Spyder grips. Few if any blisters, great griping, the company totally support desert racing, and they last 1000 + miles.

ditto on the spray paint trick.... :)

the cheapest spud gun special hairspray you can find (aerosol) seems to work pretty good, i've used coke too once, just gotta put it on real thin and let it dry a bit (i was a ways away from my trailer) actually holds pretty good. I'm a fan of the stock honda full waffle grips, also like progrips but more on my banshee than my bike.

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