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Unknown Age of Bike

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Hey i own a 1995 Xr80 and am in the process of bringing it back up to life. It needed a total engine rebuild and still needs tons of new parts, now heres my problem. The 95 xr80 i bought for $80, this means it wasn't too nice, the parts bike im thinking about buying is $75, but its an xr100. I dont know the year of the bike due to the seller not caring enough to check, so im here to find that out. Attached is the only photo of the parts bike i have, any help with finding out the age is greatly appreciated. 00a0a_7mrHsoCUZj3_600x450.jpg00a0a_7mrHsoCUZj3_600x450.jpg

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Engine type: 80cc OHC single cylinder

Spark plug: CR7HSA

Plug gap: .028


Transmission: 5-speed transmission and manual clutch

Chain: #420 x 110

Front sprocket: 14 T

Rear sprocket: 46 T


The suspension was a Pro-Link




The Honda XR80R'85 was sold in 1985 and was available in one color: Flash Red

The seat was blue with a white "XR" logo

The side cover panel was yellow

The fuel tank wing decal was now red, white, and blue

The "80R" fuel tank decal was 2-tone white and blue

The bike now had a plastic fuel tank which was shaped differently

The serial number began JH2HE010XFK600001.

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Look at the VIN number on the right side of the steering head. Tenth digit is the model year code.

Z = 1979

A = 1980

B = 1981

C = 1982

D = 1983

E = 1984

F = 1985

G = 1986

H = 1987

J = 1988

K = 1989

L = 1990

M = 1991

N = 1992

P = 1993

R = 1994

S = 1995

T = 1996

V = 1997

W = 1998

X = 1999

Y = 2000

1 = 2001

2 = 2002

3 = 2003

4 = 2004

5 = 2005

6 = 2006

7 = 2007

8 = 2008

9 = 2009

A = 2010

B = 2011

C = 2012

D = 2013

E = 2014

F = 2015

G = 2016

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Thanks for the help, i did buy it and am beginning to switch the xr80 to the 100s higher suspension, but i ran into another problem, the xr80 idles at a very high rate, it will idle forvever, so i know its getting fuel and air, plus ive adjusted the screws on the side of the carb, but no luck yet. Any advice?

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