2003 bombardier rally wont start

Recently bought a 2003 rally 200 and it ran great for almost two months now out of no where it won't start has fuel and good spark, went to start it and it will fire but won't start. Any ideas what it could be?

It has gas that's good but is the gas getting threw the carb and into the engine?

How would I check that my brother had the carb off and it was clean but that's all he said didn't really check anything else

Turn the gas off and unconnect the gas hose off the carb and turn the gas back on. If gas leaks out of it then you're good and you can mark that off

There is gas going to the carb so that's not it

Anything blocking an airway?

Airway is clear

Any connections not hooked up? I Don't know much about these bikes

hi I have the same quad same year and the same problem fires but wont start cleaned carb got gas and spark but no go any info would be 3xtreamly helpful.

I've had some experience with those quads and similar problems - turns out the cam chain tensioners were weak and the chain can skip on the sprockets putting the timing off. You'll have to remove the valve cover, find TDC and check the timing marks. If the cam timing is off far enough, it's possible a valve will hit the piston which damages things pretty bad sometimes. Hope this helps.

thanks Doug ill pull the valve cover and check the timing thanks again for your help.

well I checked the timing marks on the camshaft/chain tensioner everything looks to be in place brought the crank to TDC and the camshaft marks all line up so I don't think its out of time.

OK, that's a good thing! Those engines get destroyed sometimes if the timing goes out bad enough. 
Did you ever do a compression check?

yes  its got good compression I noticed the intake boot itself between the carb and motor is offset and the side that gose on the motor dose not sit right when I tighten the clamp it wants to slip off the motor

yeah, if it doesn't seal right that could be your problem.

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