Buying a "New" Motor?

Just wondering if there are any companies out there that offer fully rebuilt "crate" motors? We are in the height of the race season. Not saying I'm doing this just thinking about the option if I blow my bike up.

There really arnt any place to get a mx crate motor the way you would get a big block for a muscle car. You can get used motors on ebay but expect to put some more money in. What's the problem with your motor? Most fixes can be done in time for the next race with most shops.

It just has allot of hours and I don't want to miss any races if she lets go. It was starting to just sound weird. So weird it was making me nervous, LOL. I went over the whole bike tonight and found basically the whole exhaust was loose. It was all removed over the winter for some new parts including a new head pipe. Well, the head pipe was loose at the motor, the mid pipe was loose at the head pipe and the silencer bolts were loose. I'm thinking that was the sound change I was hearing and the lean pop I was getting. I took it all apart tonight, tightened everything up and put copper high temp silicone gasket maker at all the joints except at the motor. Changed the oil, filter, air filter and just gave her a good going over. I didn't fire her up after working on the exhaust as I wanted the gasket maker to cure before doing so. I am racing NY on Sunday so I will see how she is after the "overhaul"

I'm going to try to find a blown motor and rebuild it so I can take my motor out, rebuild it and not miss any races. I can always sell the rebuilt one or just keep it "just in case"

Lean pop is completely gone after fixing the exhaust. Bike ran great. I did totally screw up my hand on a root .5 miles into the first lap. Got fifth but it sucked. Track was great but I couldn't grip the throttle at all but I finished.

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