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05 klx110 shifting issue

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So I just got the old klx up and running again. Stock motor and carb, hydro clutch fully manual with tak gear, a T-4 exhaust that came on it back when I bought it years ago and I just did the "airbox mod." I put in the 40 pilot and 85 main jets as that seems called for with the airbox mod. Played around with shimming the needle and whatnot. I've been doing a lot of kick and bump starting trying to get the carb set up properly. Seems too rich off idle and midrange so I dropped shims. I run around 2000-3000 ft asl and it's really hot and humid lately so I may even be a bit rich on the pilot but the stock 38 has something clogging it (just did fuel filter too). I think I have the carb sorted finally but I ran into an issue with shifting.

When trying to downshift, nothing. When trying to upshift I get a light click and nothing. It acted like it was in neutral. So now it's on it's side with the clutch cover removed and the basket pulled. I checked the shift star, still looks perfect but it appears the linkage popped off and the big washer got bent. I ordered some new ones which should be here beginning of next week. Leaving the bike on its side with the bent washer and holding everything in the proper place I can shift up and down between two gears, I think 2nd and 3rd since this happened after bumping it (I think). It might be 1st and 2nd though. The issue is, after the upshift the star doesn't rotate enough for the roller to engage between the star tips and another upshift isn't possible. This makes me think I'm in 3rd gear at this point since it has the stock 3 gear drum. After the downshift I attempt to downshift again and the star just will not rotate. It doesn't matter how hard I try rotating it. Maybe I just can't get enough force with the bike on it's side or maybe something else has to happen to release tension. I really have no idea. Is this normal?

I'm going to put it all back together once I get the new washer piece and hopefully it will work again, but if not does anyone have any insight into this? All shafts seems to rotate by hand at least a little. I'm hoping it's not an internal case issue. Some background though, a year or two ago I posted a thread about something similar. After hard stalling from my brother it acted similarly and the shift drum seemed to be seized. I couldn't do a thing so buttoned it up and dropped it at a shop. They pulled it apart and said once they turned the wrench to pop the star it freed up and operated like normal. Maybe the bumpy drive caused things to free up. Rode it a few times after that and no issues. Been screwing around on it the past few weeks with no issue until this. I'm hoping to get the damn thing operating properly so I can finally attend a mini motard event.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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