Ordering bikes from Canada????

I have a friend that told me about a place in Canada that exports brand new bikes to the states for a pretty good savings. Does anyone here know about this?? I know that they come in the crate so there is some assembly required... Any info would be great phone, web... Also is this legal as far as taxes, licencing.. :)

Well the last thing you need to worry about is assembly. It'll take you longer to unscrew the bolts on the metal crate and take the top of it off than getting the bike together.

I worked at a shop prior to moving to vegas, and assembly of MX bikes entailed putting the front wheel on and attaching all the controls to the bars.

That's it!

I got my bike from NCY in a crate. You are right the hardest part was getting it out of the crate. Then you just put the bars and front wheel on and remove all the bubble wrap! Im glad they shipped my bike in the crate because I was the first person to start it and break it in! Not some ignorant sales guy who rags on it the 1st time out! Later,


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