bent front rim

well i was spinning the front wheel after greasing the bearings and found the rims flattened a little on one side, not so much on the other side, im going to get my rims anodized blue soon so is it ok to take a hammer and a piece of wood and whack it back or should i invest in a new rim :D thanks again guys :D:)

I've never had any luck with hammering them back into shape. If you have a press, you can sometimes press them back straight, but it depends on the severity of the "smile" FWIW, I picked up a "take off" rim on TT for $35...


Yes, it's possible to adjiust this kind of problems using a hammer, but:

-It's necessary that flat zone on the rim isn't too large

-Before to use the hammer you have to heat the rim

-It's better to have a bit of experience. I suggest you a specialist; if he is honest it isn't too expensive and you are sure that your rim it's ok. But remember, this is true only with an expertise mec; on the contrary, you can try using a lot of attention

On the rims I've seen very very bad problems with perfect repair, but done by good specialists


Just buy a new rim and relace it. I straightened a bent rim once and it folded on me at a high rate of speed, the results were quite painful. A round shape is only strong when it is round. Good Luck ----WR Dave.

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