making a WR450F street legal in BC, Canada


I'm currently in market for wr450f, and I definitely want to be able to ride it off-road, to the trails, and in the city for transport.

Does anyone have information on how to make a 2003 or newer wr450f street legal and insurable in Vancouver, BC.

I've heard conflicting reports from not insuring them in the cities, and only in rural regions(even with baja desgins kit) to yes it is easy to modify and insure, or no you simply won't be able to do it for that bike.

I understand there is a grey area involved in getting bikes registered, and I've been told by dealerships that a lot of people go this route, although it can lead to problems if something were to happen to you or your bike riding in the city.

One salesman went as far as to say that if I went through the detailed government inspection process, I'd be the first he's ever seen for that particular bike.

He said most wr450 owners option the different 'grey area' method.

Definitely want to know the pros and cons of that.

If it makes the difference bewteen making my wr450 street legal, then I can see the advantage, but I also want piece of mind riding in the city.

Any detailed info/exeriences would be greatly appreciated cuz I'm having a tough time finding something concrete.


If you look on the new vehicle registration form that comes with the bike in one of the boxes ( I believe it is type ) you will see the letters 'MF'. This is the code for off-road vehicle. The code for street legal is 'MS'. This can be fixed with a decent scanner and appropriate software if you understand what I'm saying :)

After that you need to have DOT tires (tyres in the UK) and add a horn and a rear view mirror. Under the Highway Traffic Act here in Ontario, turn signals are not required.

I don't tempt fate by riding my plated WR450F down Yonge St in Toronto and have no desire to ride in that environment anyways. Having driven in Vancouver I hope you are not planning on riding there. They have the same problem as Toronto, too many Asian "drivers".

I'm no bigot, I hate everybody equally. :D

Willy Fitz


I don't know about B.C., I'm in New Brunswick and

I have a new 03 WR450F in my shed with a plate on it.

I went the dealer and Baja Design's route. A bit expensive but I was hit in the leg by a lovely lady lighting her cigarette this summer on my DRZ400S. Didn't hurt much, a glancing blow, but I wouldn't cut the lighting corners too cheap, they could save you.

That's why I love the dirt, no cars but I need my bike to get to work in the summer.

Actually the Baja kit wasn't that much, and the dealer got me a plate. They see the MV people every day.

I was wooried about a cop getting a bad donut and fining me, but I read the NB motor vehicle act on the Gov't home page and the only problem might be the headlight and the tires.

I'll wear the tires out in the spring prior to road use and DOT Kendas.

I would go the dealer route. You might want to try a mock registration and insurance run before you lay down the big bucks. Good luck.

P.S. When I am in the City I am going to ride it like a pansy.

Hi I took the bill of sale of my WR 450 that I got from the dealer into my local insurance dealer ,and walked out with a plate ,no question's asked.I live in Surrey

A friend of mine did his DRZ. Legally you need DOT tires, a horn, rear view mirror, Street legal headlight (bright/dim), brake light, and I think you have to install signal lights too. You will need a control to dim the light and run signal lights. I think Chris at Vernon Motorsports (1-250-545-5381) streeted a 2003 WR450. You could probably give him a call and ask questions. LEGALLY you are not supposed to run plastic fuel tanks iether but they don't seem to be very strict on that. Check the DRZ street versions, they have steel tanks.

A buddy of mine converted his with no problems, the trick is when you register your bike. No one knows what a Wr is. Make sure you say it is a dual purpose (street/trial). In alberta it will classify the bike the as 'active'. No questions, no inspections.

did mine (an 03) realy easy. just took the nvif,(new vehicle infomation form )and transfer papers to my local icbc insurance outlet and regester it. then for street leagal is also easy and cheap went to the local wecker and got a dt switch gear and wired it in the bike comes stock with dual fillament bulbs front and back, signals were flush mounts with a old gsxr flasher relay, and baja designs banjo bolt brake light switch.I spent about 3hr and 75 bucks for a nice job,for any thing else email me :):D .

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