Front Fork advice

My forks are shot on my 1998 Yz 400F from a full summer of riding i think the original seals finally let go and i lost all the oil by the end of the summer.

IS the stock forks worth rebuilding or should i spend the money now and buy new heavier forks?.

also any information on fork maintanence would be appreciated. Thanks

You kept riding with oil leaking out? Ouch.. There's no telling what the insides of those things are like. Unless you have a specific reason to buy new forks ($$$$) you're probably much cheaper off by just sending your forks to a good suspension shop for an overhaul. They will be able to tell you if they're trashed beyond repair. Just my $.02, good luck!

Yea...don't waste your money on new forks, just re-do the ones you have. All the parts that wear are serviable. Besides, any aftermarket forks would only be applicable to a more advanced machine and application.

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