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1991 Dr650s Noob ?s

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OK I just got my 91 DR and I was wondering if it was ok to use Shell Rotella T6 synthetic oil in it Even though it has the old oil Cooler on it?

I hear that is one of the best Synthetic oils to buy so I ordered my filter and bought oil for it. The people before me just used regular oil. The bike has almost 27kmiles on it but still runs like a champ and had a new top end about 2yrs ago I saw from the records it had. I got it home about a month and a half ago with decent almost black oil and drove it for almost 700miles then noticed a loss of power and some clutch slippage. Lost its get up and go I say, so I hear oil is really a factor in these bikes. It also has a minor oil leak from the bottom of the top end cyl piston housing. Nothing major but I do notice a shiny engine in spots after a ride. Some people are going to freak but it also has the upper chain roller still on it. It has been used mainly as a rural highway bike and seen little off road use so I am not worried about over loading it but should I remove it? I am just using it as a work/riding bike not off road. Any tips are welcome so please help a NOOB Bush pig rider. out. Vid on youtube if interested. Only new 1991 DR650S on there lol.

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