Stupid oil change questions

Can anybody make my first oil change easier.

Do you take the skid plate off first and then go at it.

Do you pour all the new oil in the top where the dipstick is or in the filler hole in the side. I'll assume filler hole becaose of the name, but enlighten me please.

I was reading the manual last night and it looks a fair bit more complicated than the DRZ was. Are all those steps necessary.

Thanks a lot.

Oil change is a pain compared to most bikes;but it is an awesome bike!

1. I always remove the drain plug on the frame first--MAKE SURE to turn the front wheel full lock in either direction otherwise oil will get on the front tire ;it shoots out pretty fast(could make a mess on garage floor).

2. Yes remove the front and bottom skid plate (stock). Then remove the big drain bolt and the small drain bolt from the bottom of the engine.

3. Don't forget to clean the strainer screen---I have found it easier to remove the whole hose that leads to the strainer screen (hose goes to kickstarter side of engine).

Does anybody make a paper filter replacement for the brass mesh filters for the 98-00 yams?

Yeah when you remove the oil tank drain bolt (the one in the frame) after the oil has stopped flowing out real fast an starts to slow down,place an old tent peg(you will have to straighten out the bend a little) or a peice of fence wire,welding rod,put a bend in it and hook it in the bolt hole,the oil will run down the wire and into the drain pan,no mess,no oil all down the front of the bike,it is so simple an work`s like a treat!,i found that tip here on TT :)

Does anybody make a paper filter replacement for the brass mesh filters for the 98-00 yams?

I think the one for 03 and newer WRs and YZs will work, but I don't know for sure....

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