Will 13/50 fit with stock chain?

I wish I could tell you for sure if it would work or not, but I 'think' it will. If not, you'll be within about 1/2 link of it not working cause it's that close from what I recall. I think 'Dutch' here on TT could probably tell you for sure because I recall him posting about trying various sprocket combos like this in the past.

The 13/50 combo worked on my "Betty" but the wheel was as far forward as it would go. Now your bike may or may not go that far forward due to manufacturing tolerances. The good news is that running your wheel in that position is good for the handling in tight situations.

I added two links when it was time to replace the chain so I could run 13/14/15 countershaft sprockets.

Thanks. I ordered the front and rear. If it won't work I'll just go with 13/48 until I need a new chain. :)

The 13/50 fit on my bike with wheel all the way forward. If anybody else is curious.

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