2012 wr450 stall issues

Back round on the bike

2012 wr 450

Approx 5500kms

Oil changes ever few rides/hours

All free mods/ecu remapped with the fmf map

Gytr/fmf power core 4 slip on

Fmf snap

*********never had a valve adjustment as of yet. Bike is going in Monday to have the valves done and a new 07 yfz intake cam installed

Ok this is my issue this only started to happen like 3 days ago . when I first start my bike cold the bike will run for like 5-8 seconds and stall so I re start it and jump on all seams ok so I put it into gear and hold it in first with he clutch pulled in. If I just sit there for a while the bike stalls again.

Like I said I been riding this bike a crap load and now since 3 days ago this happen every time I start the bike up cold. Ppl might say its because its cold but l think it's more to it than that because I have has this thing out I the winter heavy old rain ECt and never had a problem and my friends bike which is the carbon copy of mine of the same year and make with approximate 200-300 more Kms than mine and his do not do it

Any suggestions?

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Does the bike stall when hot or only when cold?

Check your valve clearance, I just had an intake valve with zero clearance. Now that it's adjusted, the bike starts better than it did new.

Thanks for the help the bike is into the dealer now getting the valves done and getting a new cam put in will update when I get it back

Was it an out of spec valve?

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