cant connect power-tuner to ecu

own a YZ450F-2012. bike stopped working to today and wont start. have checked sparkplug: no spark, dry plug so no fuel. When I connected my power-tuner to bike to see possible fault code, the tuner wont even start (power tuner starts not connected to bike, so batteries should be fine).

I guess my ecu broke, any suggestions?

Change the batteries anyway. The additional current required by the ECU may be enough to bring them below the minimum voltage required to run the tuner.

I changed to recharged NiMh batteries: Nothing happens when I push startbutton on the power-tuner connected to bike.

Before bike went completly dead, It stopped a 5-10 times, just as running out og gas, or using killbutton.

Maybe the ECU is dead, then. Do you have a friend with a similar bike you can try a swap with?

Check the entire harness for damage, like a wire pinched between something where it can short, too.

problem solved, cable to rear brakelight was loose and touching exhaustpipe.

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